Meet Woman Who Tests And Reviews Sex Toys For A Living

This Woman Tests And Reviews Sex Toys For A Living

Her name is Cara Sutra, she runs an eponymous website that offers erotic advice and sex toy reviews for a living. She has reviewed at least 2000 products on her website and it features sex and sex toy advice, including giveaways.

Sutra was an ex-banker before she ventured into this line of work. She stopped working in the bank in 2005 when she decided to focus on her blog. You will find frank talk about sex, erotic writing, relationship advice and a whole lot more on the site.

In a recent interview with HuffPost, she shared more information about herself, her career, her blog and experiences.

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Sutra began commenting about her own purchases on sex toy manufacturer Lovehoney’s website in 2009. Later the company started sending her products to evaluate as part of its reviewer program, and since then she’s expanded to testing a variety of brands.

In 2010, Sutra took a job with while still working on her site on the side. Two years later, she left to go freelance full time. Now, she rakes in the money in a number of different pleasure-filled ways.

“The majority of my income is from on-site banner advertising, sponsored promotional copywriting, product development consultancy and helping toy shops marketing their business online, not from sex toy reviewing,” she told HuffPost. “Although this is one of the services I offer. I also write for other sex toy websites as an advisor/blogger, as well as having a bi-monthly column in the U.K. adult industry trade magazine, ETO.”

Suffice it to say that we had plenty of questions for Sutra about her job, if we could have her job and if, when it comes to sex toys, more expensive is actually better.

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When Sutra was asked if she had experienced any particularly bad issues of your own while testing the sextoys, she said;

I’ve broken a few sex toys during use. Years ago, the inner rod of a cheap rabbit vibrator broke. More recently, I snapped an anal vibrator while I was testing it. Not sure if that says more about the sex toy or my own anatomy.

Read more on the interview here.


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