Pornhub Offering $25,000 University Grant For Sex Research


Pornhub is ready to pay to improve your sex education.
If you’re interested in sex as a topic but in need of money to pursue it in school, Pornhub just launched a new initiative that will be offering a $25,000 grant for “a human sexuality research project.” This idea was born after a year of the site’s Sexual Wellness Center which offers advice on STD’s, consent and weekly Q&A’s.

The grant is being offered to University faculty members to “support research work carried out by university students under their direction” for a “human sexuality research project” in the near future.

“With this grant, Pornhub hopes to help advance important work in the field, be it technological, medical, or sociologically rooted–so long as its end goal is to bring new information into the world that can help people lead happier and healthier sex lives,” said a press release, via Jezebel.

The official application page states: “With the goal of supporting crucial academic work, this $25,000 grant has been created with the intention to help find new solutions, answers and methods with which to approach current issues pertaining to human sexuality.”

The deadline for this grant is May 1st, researchers and educators can apply here.

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